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Student Services

Student Services includes the Counseling Office, Psychologist, Nurse, and Attendance. 

Student Services Info


Attendance 24 Hour Voicemail
651-683-6969 ext. 88677

Attendance Office Questions 952-431-8921 or 8922

Student Absence Information:

    • Full Day Absence, call BEFORE 1:00pm using the Attendance Voicemail Number:  651-683-6969 ext. 88677

    • Partial Day Absence (late arrival or early release) send a note with your student or call 952-431-8921 or 8922

    • Students must have an EVHS pink attendance pass before leaving the building

    • Always bring a doctor’s note for all medical appointments

    • Insist that your student ask teachers for make-up work the day they return---they are responsible for all work missed!!

    • For all other attendance issues, please call the EVHS Attendance Office at 952-431-8921 or 8922


Ann DeMarco

Voice Mail: 651-683-6969 x18925 
 Ann has been at Eastview High School as a School Psychologist since 2005 and in the district since 1996.  Students, parents, and staff are welcome to stop by Ann's office in Student Services or call (952) 431-8925.  


Melissa Persigehl

Voice Mail: 651-683-6969 x18923

Counseling Office

Mental Health Support