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Student Responsibilities and Opportunities

General Information

In order to graduate from any high school in District 196, students must satisfactorily complete 66 credits of coursework at the high school level, grades 9-12 inclusively, to be eligible for high school graduation as specified below:

• English/Language Arts – four years (12 credits);

• Social Studies – four years (12 credits) encompassing U.S. history, geography, world history, government/ citizenship and a .75 credit in economics;

• Science – three years (9 credits) including biology and chemistry or physics; '

• Mathematics – three years (9 credits) encompassing algebra, geometry, and statistics and probability (As part of this requirement, students must earn 3 credits of Algebra 2 or its equivalent.);

• Arts – one course from the art education or music and dance departments or Acting, Fashion Design Trends, Interior Design A, Marketing C, Advertising, Multimedia, or Advanced Multimedia;

• Wellness – three courses (2.25 credits);

• Physical Education – five courses (3.75 credits); '

• Safety Education – one course (.75 credit), and

• Other – 16 credits, of which not more than 12 credits of instrumental and/or vocal music may be applied toward fulfillment of the graduation requirements.