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About Eastview High School

Eastview (est. 1997) is a comprehensive and college preparatory public high school located in Apple Valley, (suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul,) Minnesota with an enrollment of 2,150 students in grades 9-12. Eastview has been distinguished as one of “America’s Best High Schools” by Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report and by the Washington Post.

Our Learning Structure

Creative and progressive structuring of the facility and the school day schedule provides the ultimate options to support focused and engaged learning. All 9th and 10th graders are provided a touchstone personal learning experience as members of interdisciplinary learning teams, providing a challenging college readiness academic experience, supported by a conscientious team of teachers and an individualized learning plan. Student/ teacher phasing, platooning and teaming are facilitated through quarter, trimester, semester and full-year courses, taught in both single period and block scheduling. Within the traditional foundation, time and space is leveraged to best address the needs of students, grade levels, ability and curriculum. The foundation of courses is 50 minutes in length, five days per week, four terms of 9 weeks for a total of  36 weeks per school year. Our Learning Facility Our state-of-the-art digital classroom design includes built-in LCD’s and SMART Technology; an infrastructure that includes building-wide wireless network/internet connections; 1:1 iPad learning environment; student mobile computing labs; high-end multimedia computing capabilities; a two-level Learning Commons with digital library research capabilities and fully-equipped television and digital editing studios, a 650 seat Performing Arts Center with a fly loft and scene shop; a dedicated dance studio and full-time  curricular dance program; four gyms with a running track surrounding the main gym; a 4,500 square foot fitness center which is adjacent to 200 acres of playing fields, recreational facilities and competition stadiums. Our District 196 encompasses 110 square miles and is located 15 miles south of Minneapolis & St. Paul. 150, 000 residents and 27,000 students are served in 19 elementary, 6 middle & 5 high schools.

Learning Community

Our Faculty College readiness is perpetuated by 230 faculty and staff members. Approximately 80% hold masters or doctorate degrees. 75% have 10 or more years of professional experience. All faculty members are engaged in focused collaborative teams of professional practice, where extensive action research informs instruction. Comprehensive & College Preparatory Curriculum 17 subject areas are offered, including: Honors & Advanced Placement; College in the Schools; AVID; STEM Scholar Program, five languages; emphasis on instrumental and vocal music, which includes an in-school private lesson program; theater & dance; Career Development opportunities; Special Education and work program alternatives. Courses are designed to personalize the students learning and interests to support college readiness. All students are engaged in developing an individualized learning plan to meet their learning needs and goals. 

Advanced Placement, Honors and University of Minnesota College in the Schools Courses (CIS)

Advanced Placement and Honors/Accelerated courses are offered across the curriculum and grade levels to meet the special needs of high-performing students interested in challenging and extending their intellectual potential. Over half of our students take an Advanced Placement course and the associated AP Exam. 90% of those students will receive a 3 or better score on an AP Exam. 

Journey to Extraordinary

A group of graduates