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Parking Permits

UPDATED FOR Q3/Q4 SCHOOL YEAR 2020-21: Return to Hybrid Learning


Please review all of the EVHS Parking Permit information below.

Students may use their Q1/Q2 parking permit to park at EVHS between February 22 and March 5.  Students will need to have the NEW spring permit displayed beginning March 8th

refunds for Q1/Q2 Parking permits will be issued the week of february 8 for $26. 

Ready to apply for your parking permit? Go to the MyPaymentsPlus (see link below)

1. Go to the MyPaymentsPlus and Login

Click here for MyPaymentsPlus.
2. Under Events/Activities Type “Parking” in the Search Box
3. Select “20-21 EVHS Parking Permit (Semester 2)“ for the student who will be driving.
4. Click on “Add to Cart” button“ (lower right corner)
5. Complete the application and click on the “Save” button (lower left screen) to proceed to the
payment screen.

ISD 196 Policy

For the spring semester of 2020-2021 Hybrid Learning, the fee will be $32; this is 40%
of the permit fee when school is in session full time. If we move to full time Distance Learning, district administration
will determine if/when refunds will be issued.

Eastview High School

A limited number of parking permits are available to students who drive to school. All cars parked on school property
must be registered through the Attendance Office. Students who drive to school, have registered their vehicle, and have
paid the parking fee may park in one of the two student parking lots on the west side of the building. There will be no
street parking on Flagstaff, 140th Street or Johnny Cake Ridge Road. There will be no parking in the bus corral or the
North lot, which is reserved for staff and visitors.

Semester Parking Permits:

EVHS Fall (Q1/Q2) semester refunds of $26 are being issued the week of February 8.   Spring (Q3/Q4) semester permits can be purchased on  for $32.

Click here for MyPaymentsPlus.

Students may use their Q1/Q2 parking permit to park at EVHS between February 22 and March 5.  Students will need to have the spring permit displayed beginning March 8th

Daily Parking Permits:

A one-day permit will also be available at the cost of $5.00 per day. Daily permits may be purchased from the EVHS
Attendance Office prior to 8:00am.

Parking Violations:

All cars parked on EVHS property must visibly display an EVHS parking permit during school hours. Violations will result
in a $20 fine and/or towing at the owner’s expense. Students parking illegally (in the north parking lot, in the bus corral,
in reserved/visitor/handicapped spaces, in unauthorized areas, blocking lanes, etc.) may be fined $20, have their parking
permit revoked, and/or be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Students found forging parking passes will be
charged with theft and appropriate consequences will be assigned.

Lost or stolen parking permits will not be replaced. Students must see Mr. Habeck to purchase a replacement.

Kurt Habeck | Eastview High School | Administration | 952.431.8920