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Target Days at Eastview for 2019-20

Eastview and all high schools in District 196 have six Target (Intervention/Enrichment) Days. 2019-20 Target Days at EVHS are scheduled for the following dates.  

  • Tuesday, October 15
  • Thursday, December 12
  • Thursday, January 16
  • Thursday, February 27
  • Thursday, March 19
  • Thursday, May 21

What is Target Day?

In a continued effort to focus learning and to support our student’s specific and individual learning needs, Eastview will provide additional targeted opportunities during our school day. On each of the six Target Days during this school year, we will slightly adjust our regular class schedule to offer focused engagement with students on teacher determined individual learning needs.

Eastview’s Target Days provide our students with intervention and/or enrichments as determined through analysis of learning data by each of their classroom teachers and then prioritized with a focus on the four core curricular areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies). Additional potential enrichment opportunities throughout the curriculum may also be available.

All students will have two (2), one period intervention or enrichment sessions six times during the school year.  Teachers will make individual data informed recommendations for Interventions (focused or general) or Enrichments based on your child’s current grades and/or progress toward mastery of classroom learnings.

  • FOCUSED INTERVENTION with your child’s individual classroom teacher (grades 9-12) will support a specific teacher identified student learning need.
  • GENERAL INTERVENTION with other classroom teachers, paraprofessionals or student volunteers (grades 9-12) will support your child’s general learning or course progression needs.
  • An ENRICHMENT opportunity supervised by classroom teachers, counselors, parent or student volunteers (grades 9 and 10) to develop a deeper or broader learning for students who have demonstrated mastery or appropriate course progression.

What is the Target Day schedule?

Target Days are considered a regular school day; the daily schedule has been modified so that we can provide both enrichment and intervention opportunities in support of our students.

Because of the adjusted schedule on Target Days, students with off-campus Career Development courses will be advised each Target Day of the specific adjustment to their schedule. Students should see an administrator with questions or unique situations.

Period Target Day Schedule
TDA 7:30-8:22 52 minutes
TDB 8:27-9:20 52 minutes
Period 1 9:30-10:00 30 minutes
Period 2 10:05-10:35 30 minutes
Period 3 10:40-11:10 30 minutes
Period 5 11:15-12:35 No Change
Period 4 12:40-1:12 32 minutes
Period 6 1:17-1:49 32 minutes
Period 7 1:54-2:25 32 minutes


Student attendance is expected as normal and will be taken for both Target Day sessions. All students will be provided a specific Target Day schedule. Target Day student schedules will be posted on the Campus Parent/Student Portal in the following categories:

  • All 9th and 10th graders:  will be assigned a specific intervention or enrichment opportunity during both morning sessions.
  • 11th or 12th  graders who ARE assigned a Focused or General Intervention: are required to attend school on Targeted Days during the session/s they are scheduled.
  •  11th or 12th  graders who are assigned Enrichment (because their appropriate course progression and/or mastery of learning): will be involved in a direct or indirect enrichment that supplements the learning process (e.g. teacher recommended self-directed study, academic study groups, silent sustained reading…).  Enrichment activities meet off-campus and on-campus and students do not need to arrive at EVHS until 9:30am, which will begin their 1st period course and their regular school day (additional information will be provided).

What does intervention mean?

What type of intervention will be available? Academic intervention is the process of providing additional support and/or time to ensure student learning. Support may be focused instructional time with a teacher (individual or small group) or it may be more general guided practice. Direct instruction, teacher-student conferencing, academic study groups, peer tutoring, online formative assessments and skill development tools may all be a part of the intervention process.

How/why would my student be targeted for academic intervention?

Every classroom teacher will identify students in need of additional support and/or time. Teachers may use assessment data, homework, grades, classroom observations and more when determining Target Day focused interventions. Teachers may also refer students to a general intervention session for homework completion or test make-up. Students will be notified by classroom teachers of their Target Day placement. Schedules will be available on the Student/Parent Portal as well as distribute to students in homeroom prior to the Target Day.

What does enrichment mean? What type of enrichment will be available?

Academic enrichment supplements the learning process. Target Days enrichment sessions include self-directed study, academic study groups, silent sustained reading, and counselor meetings/presentations. The presentations include college/career planning, socio-development topics such as kindness, honor the absent, communicate you matter, see the problem own the problem, help others succeed, Know the Truth from the MN Adult/Teen Challenge, vaping information, stress reduction, and a senior student panel.

How many students will be in attendance for either enrichment or intervention?

Over 80% of all students in grades 9-12 will be in attendance for school-based enrichment and/or intervention. While some juniors and seniors may be engaged in off-campus, independent enrichment (i.e. study groups, private tutoring, homework completion, test prep, etc.), the majority of juniors and seniors will be here for school-based sessions.

What if a student doesn’t attend a scheduled intervention session?

This is a normal school day. Regular bus service will be offered for all students. Attendance will be taken as usual. An unexcused absence will result in normal school consequences.

What if I am a part-time student, or have Post-Secondary, SES, or Career Development courses?

Part-time, PSEOP and SES students who have a first hour class at EVHS will be scheduled for Target Day sessions (from 7:30 – 9:30am) and will follow their EVHS schedule as usual (leaving for their off-campus courses as necessary). Students who are scheduled off-campus in the morning (and at EVHS only later in the day) will not be scheduled for Target Day sessions.