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Share feedback on facilities recommendations through December 7
Share feedback on facilities recommendations through December 7

District 196 is facing an important decision on facilities that has implications for every school in the district. The administration wants to hear from as many stakeholders as possible before making a final recommendation to the School Board, so it has extended the deadline to submit feedback online through December 7. View a presentation about the recommendations and process, and share your feedback online. 

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Over the past year and a half, a district Facilities and Equipment Steering Committee reviewed existing facilities and needs in every area and developed a Facilities Master Plan with three phases of possible improvements over the next 10-plus years. The administration presented phase one improvements as preliminary recommendations under new business at the November 14 regular School Board meeting. Approximately 170 people attended three District Dialogues on Facilities meetings November 15, 16 and 17 in Apple Valley, Rosemount and Eagan. Participants viewed the presentation and then provided input in small-group dialogues.

A summary of the input provided at the dialogues and online will be presented at the December 12 regular School Board meeting. The administration will use the input to guide its final recommendations for a district Facilities Master Plan, which will be presented as old business at the January 9 regular board meeting. The board will then decide whether to call for a bond referendum question, for which improvements and for how much.