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Pursuing Infinite Possibilities: Emily Jewell, class of 2013

(Editor’s Note:In District 196, the sky’s the limit. That’s because our committed team of educators is dedicated to helping learners explore the outer limits of their vast potential. We are nationally recognized for providing students with boundless opportunities to learn and grow. This is the first of a new regular Spotlight feature that will highlight District 196 graduates who are “Pursuing Infinite Possibilities.”)

Eastview High School 2013 graduate Emily Jewellis quickly making a name for herself in aeronautics and astronautics. She was recently named to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ (AIAA) top 20 list of emerging leaders. 

From her days at Greenleaf Elementary School, through her formative years at Falcon Ridge Middle School and Eastview, Emily has always had a passion for science, technology, engineering and math. She graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and during her undergraduate years was a founding member of the Engineering Physics Student Advisory Executive Committee and volunteered for STEM activities. She is now a full-time student at Stanford University, where she is studying for masters and doctorate degrees in aeronautics and astronautics. 

Emily is working toward her dream of developing a deep space exploration craft to send people and scientific probes far into outer space.

“I am focusing my research on computational methods for space exploration,” she said. “I’ve presented at two international conferences and have one journal paper submission for my research in the field of structural dynamics.”

The recognition from AIAA is hardly the first for Emily, who has more than 25 awards and scholarships from national organizations, the University of Wisconsin and local education institutions. 


A 2013 graduate of Eastview High School; earned a B.S. in engineering mechanics (distinguished scholar) and mathematics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and is pursuing a M.S. and Ph.D in aeronautics and astronautics at Standford University.

Fun fact

“I recently went backpacking across Europe, Ecuador and Australia/New Zealand. I’ve also hiked to glaciers on four continents; the highest was above 16,500 feet.” 

How did District 196 prepare you for life after high school?

“The best skills that District 196 gave me for life after high school was that life is what you make it. I was involved in lots of activities, everything from musicals and Destination Imagination and marching band, to Math Team, Science Olympiad and varsity athletics. I learned from a young age that the possibilities were endless if I had the strength, courage, motivation and determination to pursue them.” 

Which District 196 teachers made the biggest difference in your education?

“Mr. Haugh at Eastview High School has had a tremendous influence on my life. He set an example not only as an educator, but for being an amazing person that I aspire to emulate through actions of good and helping others. He made math fun and his teaching encouraged me to double major in mathematics. Mrs. Hoffman at Falcon Ridge helped me begin my accelerated math pursuits and recognize there does not need to be a gender divide in STEM. I personally feel having an amazing female STEM role model makes a big difference for girls pursuing the field. I could honestly list nearly every teacher I ever had in District 196 because so many were passionate about their job as an academic educator, but also as a life educator.”