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High schools honor Class of 2021 seniors entering military service

Fifty-two graduating seniors in District 196 will be serving in the U.S. Armed Forces following graduation this spring. Each year, all four comprehensive high schools celebrate the enlistments and appointments of graduates to various branches of the military and military academies.

Schools had to modify their celebrations because of the COVID-19 pandemic but were able to host events.

“The biggest thing that sold the Navy ROTC for me is the opportunity that I’ll receive to give back to my country,” said Eastview High School senior Carter Jensen. “It’s one thing to be part of something much bigger and more meaningful than myself, but it’s another to be able to give back to those who helped me succeed.”

The military enlistees are listed below by school and branch of the military.


U.S. Army
Josiah Cushey (U.S. Army)

U.S. Army National Guard
Seth Mertes

U.S. Marines
Weihao Li
David Linares
Claire Vogeu


U.S. Army National Guard
Ester Armstrong
Stephanie Carlson
Maxwell Erickson
Megan Folger
Louisa Heinrich
Kashif Kanwar
Riley Mills
Emily Morgan Aragon
David Schindler
Christopher Schleicher
Bradley Snyder
Alissa Stewart
Landon Vath

U.S. Marines
Daniel Edwards
Sam Knopik
Hong Lin
Kyle Nelson
Briana Niemeyer
James Wood
Jonathon Zhou

Carter Jensen

U.S. Air Force Academy
Logan O’Neil


MN Army National Guard
Joseph Hanson

ND Army National Guard
John Novack

U.S. Army
Kumail Hassan
Ethan Lacey
Griffin Ruiter

U.S. Marines
Joey Perez
Bruce Pesantez Rodriguez
Tyler Sitter

U.S. Air Force
William Heinrich
Maria Perdomo

U.S. Navy
Victor Henk


U.S. Army National Guard
Elijah Bergh
Michael Harjo
Nicholas Moran

MN Army National Guard
Jason Harkins
Katelynn Scholl

U.S. Air Force
Felix Prose

U.S. Army
Joseph Henkemeyer
Jocelyn Pina Soriano

U.S. Marine
Mathwose Haile
Mason Jones
Andrew Lee
Luke Molde
Ava Perry

U.S. Navy
Grant Anderson