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FeePay update for District 196 families regarding difficulties resetting passwords

We are aware of some challenges with the FeePay system upgrade that recently occured this week. We have discovered some families are unable to login and update their accounts, however FeePay has provided a temporary solution to help complete the password reset process. 

The FeePay system, for some family accounts only, has been having issues sending the email to reset the password. Some accounts receive the email immediately, some receive the email after multiple attempts, some haven’t received the email at all despite repeated attempts over the past couple of days. 

Screenshot of the FeePay signup page.

FeePay has provided the below solution for changing passwords:

  • Navigate to the FeePay website and select Meal Accounts or Activities/Transportation/Supplies/Donations.
  • From the popup screen that requests your password, click on the “Sign Up” tab. Please follow the prompts as if you are creating a new account, be sure to use the same email address from the old account. This process will generate the email for those that are not getting the email. 

Note: Please check your spam folder, too. This will not create a duplicate account, it will just "wake up" the old account so that the email is generated.   

Additionally, families having issues processing payments should review their payment information to ensure credit card and/or bank account information is entered accurately. If the problem still persists, try logging out of FeePay and using another browser to complete the transaction. FeePay recommends Firefox or Safari. An additional step to try is to clear any stored payment methods and re-add those methods and attempt to process. 

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these system changes generated by Sourcewell (FeePay).