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District 196 high schools select Students of the Year for 2022-23
District 196 high schools select Students of the Year for 2022-23

Students of the Year for 2022-23 were selected by teachers and administrators at all four comprehensive high schools in District 196. Students were selected based on their academic performance and participation in the given subject area during their high school career. The 2022-23 Students of the Year in District 196 are listed below by school and subject.


Madelyn Mortinson, art; Riley Vander Esch, business; Ayden Reuss, dance; Madeline Rock, English/language arts; Fabiha Yavi, English language development; Ariana Monnens, family and consumer sciences; Bryson Flake, mathematics; Logan Rasmussen, instrumental music; Tyler Collins, vocal music; Kennedy Johnson, physical education and health; David Ford, adapted physical education and health; Gabriel Wiefgrefe, science; Nathan Lenzen, social studies; Mya Ford, special services; Apollo Oase, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Adan Linares, work experience, and Aaron Connors, world languages.


Bao Nguyen, art; Prasithan Ganeshkumar, business; Rowan Swirtz, counseling; Emily Teigland, English/language arts; Nehemya Assefa, English language development; Samantha Jaedike, family and consumer sciences; Ava Schulz, ITC; Daniel Wochnick, mathematics; Alysha Onwuneme, instrumental music; Shaddai Redmon, vocal music; Peter McGivern, physical education and health; Harshita Nandyala, science; Maddie Bartlow-Sibley, social studies; Peter Dang, special services; Benjamin Picha, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Makayla Petri, work experience, and Markus Maas, world languages.


Hannah Zacher, art; Fionna Liew, business; Peyton Arntz, dance; Bahja Cumar, English/language arts; Samsam Nuure, English language development; Emma Longacre, family and consumer sciences; Nathan Elango mathematics; Mary Kotrba, instrumental music; Wesley Granger, vocal music; Tyler Wanous, physical education and health; Deshawn Collins-Bascomb, adaptive physical education; Sami Tesfaye, science; Allison Nathan, social studies; Karen Rodriguez, special services; Thomas Christopherson, special services-center-based; Madysen Leick, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Jordan Johnson, work experience, and Walter Barlow Jr., world languages.


Ava Schlegel, art; Hafsa Haji, AVID; Emily Moerke, business; Isabel Aalberg, dance; Ada Vanderwiel, English/language arts; HaoPeng Xie, English language development; Grace Hanson, family and consumer sciences; Zack Sickmann, mathematics; Chloe Moeller, instrumental music; Serenna Leach, vocal music; Gabriella Lamoreaux, performing arts; Austin Devnich, performing arts; Abid Alam, physical education and health; Rudy Amezcua-Shoeman, science; William Harder, social studies; Josie Kotsmith, special services; Zach Thureen, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Jonah O’Leary, work experience, Travis Mallan, work experience special services, and Granthan Green, world languages.