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District 196 high schools select Students of the Year for 2020-21

Students of the Year for 2020-21 were selected by teachers and administrators at all four, four-year high schools in District 196. Students were selected based on their academic performance and participation in the given subject area during their high school career. The 2020-21 Students of the Year in District 196 are listed below by school and subject.


Kaitlyn Sovick Flowers, art; Austin LaMotte, business; Averi Yezek, dance; Ceceilia Voss, English/language arts; Michelle Quinde Inamagua, English language learner; Najma Ali, family and consumer sciences; Andrew Meyer, mathematics; Alex Bengtson, instrumental music; Kora Frovik, vocal music; Parker Davis, physical education and health; Maya Ricard, science; Ruby Lenzen, social studies; Sinat Benson, special services; Cooper Kreutzmann, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Gregory Cole Jr., work experience, and Alexander Hubley, world languages.


Mallory Benda, art; Patrick McMahon, business; Katie Magallon, counseling; Kai Wilson, English/language arts; Jessica Ocampo Pena, English language learner; Eleanor Theis, family and consumer sciences; Nathan Mihm, mathematics; Julia Peterson, instrumental music; Neha Nayak, vocal music; Maxwell Robinson, physical education and health; Colin Roberts, science; Jacob Sandish, social studies; Justin Taylor, special services; Holden Fahnhorst, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Haili Gripp, work experience, Finn Wallace, ITC and Richard Zhao, world languages.


Emily Christian, art; Roscoe Torbenson, business; Emma Gannon, dance; Olivia Beach, English/language arts; Le Anh Dao, English language learner; Bryn Poppler, family and consumer sciences; Genevieve Dahl mathematics; Thor Reimann, instrumental music; Svea Hagen, vocal music; Lauren Crowl, physical education and health; Enrique Martins Da Costa Rosa, science; Liliana Nikolova, social studies; Yoseph Tesfaye, special services; Calvin Martinson, special services-center-based; Rain Hartos, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Lily Hanneman, work experience, Ryan Costley, Adaptive and Kaitlyn Wright, world languages.


Abigail Jahn, art; Cristina Sirbu, AVID; Blake Kroth, business; Kelsi Rygg dance; Heidi Hanson, English/language arts; Betelhem Kiros, English language learner; Julia Seldon, family and consumer sciences; Nicholas Bischel, technology, engineering and manufacturing; Pranav Vijay, mathematics; Natalie Boucher, instrumental music; Greta Green, vocal music; Kade Paulson, physical education and health; Bassel Loulou, science; Katherine Nozal, social studies; Gabrielle Stahl, special services; Matthew Weber, work experience, Donovan Rosenow, work experience special services and Arin Kujala, world languages.