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District 196 calendar for 2020-21 now includes two days off for MEA

The District 196 academic calendar for 2020-21 now includes two days off school the third Thursday and Friday of October for the Minnesota Educators Academy (MEA) conference, following action by the School Board Nov. 18.

The 2020-21 calendar approved by the board last year did not include the traditional days off school for MEA. These were converted to instructional days due to uncertainty at the time about the future of the MEA conference, combined with a need to find days in a calendar with the latest-possible start date of Sept. 8. 

Earlier this year, Education Minnesota announced plans to continue the conference as a one-day event. With that knowledge, and input from parents and teachers, the administration recommended changing Oct. 15 and 16 to days of no school for all students and staff. To make up these two days, Wednesday, Dec. 23 is changed to a day of school and the school year is extended by one day, with all students still finishing the second week of June – June 9 for elementary students and June 11 for middle school and high school students.     

The recommended changes were approved by a 5-2 vote of the board and are included in the 2020-21 District 196 calendar.

Download the 2020-21 revised calendar