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District 196 board approves new agreement with teachers and nurses
District 196 board approves new agreement with teachers and nurses

The District 196 School Board on Monday approved a new, two-year agreement with Dakota County United Educators (DCUE), representing the district’s approximately 2,300 teachers and nurses.

“I am very happy to have a new agreement in place for our teachers and nurses that keeps us competitive,” Superintendent Mary Kreger said following the board vote Feb. 26. “I want to thank members of both negotiating teams for the hours of effort and collaboration it took over the last several months to reach this interest-based bargaining agreement.”    

The agreement is retroactive to July 1, 2023 and runs through June 30, 2025. It increases the teachers’ and nurses’ salary schedules by 4% each year, and increases the district’s contribution to health insurance by 4% this year and 5% in year two. 

Under the new agreement, the starting salary in District 196 for a first-year teacher with no previous experience is now $48,240. The district’s average full-time teacher salary is estimated to be $86,008, including longevity pay and the 4% increase in year one of the agreement. At the top end of the salary schedule, a teacher at the top step with a master’s degree plus 60 hours of education (MA+60), with longevity pay, earns $109,436 this year under the new agreement.  

In year two, nurses will move from hourly pay to an annual salary, and three lanes will be added at the top of the nurses’ salary schedule, MA+15, MA+30, and MA+60. An additional longevity pay level was added to the bachelor of arts (BA) degree, BA plus 15 hours of education (BA+15) and BA+30 lanes, and the district 403(b) match increased by $10 at each level, each year.