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Online Schedule Review and Change Requests PROCESS TIMELINE
OPEN  :  FRIDAY, AUGUST 11 - 5:00pm
CLOSE:  FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 - 5:00pm

Please be patient once you submit your request.  Your counselor will review and respond as needed. If further clarification is necessary, he/she will connect with you directly.  Approved changes will be made prior to the first day of school; your final schedule will be accessible via Infinite Campus by the end of the day (5:00pm) on Monday, August 28.  Schedules and staffing are based on the registration requests students made and verified last winter/spring.  Due to the complexity of this process, schedule change requests will be limited. Thank you for understanding.

Once the schedule review period is complete, students may only make change requests during the first three days of school with input from counselor, case manager, teacher and/or administrator for the following reasons: 

  • Level change–a class is determined to be too difficult (teacher input is required along with a description of intervention strategies from previous quarter). 
  • Student has not met a necessary prerequisite (teacher input is required). 
  • Make up or add a required course for graduation. 
  • Changes initiated at counselor/administrator/teacher discretion. 

Schedule change requests that will NOT be accommodated include:

  • Requests for a specific teacher
  • Requests for a specific class period 
  • Requests for a specific study hall
  • Requests for a specific lunch period 

YES, a change will be made NO, a change will not be considered
My schedule is missing a graduation requirement. I don't know anyone in my period 1 class and I want to change it to a different period.
My teacher changes for one (or more) quarter of a year-long class. I have a study hall, but would like to move it to a different period.  
I'm scheduled for English 11 and I'm in 10th grade.  I want all my classes to stay in same period every quarter.
I have nothing scheduled for one period. I don't want PE 1st hour and would rather have it toward the end of the day.
I have already earned credit for a class and it's in my schedule. I heard the teacher of this class is difficult and I would rather have a different teacher.
I never took German 1 and I'm scheduled for German 2. I don't have any friends in my lunch period, so I want to change to a different lunch.
I broke my ankle, so can't take my PE class right now. My 6th period class is too far away from my 7th period class and I want to change it to a closer location.
My class is too difficult and I want to change to a different level.  (Yes, with teacher input and a description of your intervention strategies from previous quarter.)


Click on your counselor below to access the schedule change request form.

Ms. Greener (Students A- CL)

Mr. Wanous (Students CM - HAS)

Ms. Hitt/Ms. Hegy (Students HAT - L)

Ms. Fisher (Students M - PEA and AVID Class of 2027)

Ms. Scholen (Students PEB - SK and AVID Class of 2026 and 2024)

Mr. Olayiwola (Students SL- Z and AVID Class of 2025)

Ms. Jennings (Students identified as Gifted and Talented)