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Report an EVHS student absence

If your child is attending summer programs, please directly contact the school where your child is attending their summer program to report an absence. The "Report an Absence" feature will be reactivated when the 2024-2025 school year begins.

To report a student absence

  1. Complete the online form,
  2. Call the EVHS Attendance Office (952-431-8900, select option 1).
  3. Send a note with the student to be delivered to the Attendance Office upon return to school.

Student absence information

  • Full Day Absence, call BEFORE 1:00pm using the Attendance Voicemail Number:  651-683-6969 ext. 88677
  • Partial Day Absence (late arrival or early release) send a note with your student or call 952-431-8921 or 8922
  • Students must have an EVHS pink attendance pass before leaving the building
  • Always bring a doctor’s note for all medical appointments
  • Insist that your student ask teachers for make-up work the day they return---they are responsible for all learning while they are absent!
  • For all other attendance issues, please call the EVHS Attendance Office at 952-431-8921 or 8922