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LINC Leadership Community Service:

Kelly Fisher

LINC 101 & 9th Grade mentors

Alex Currie


LINC stands for Leaders INvested in Community. This unique organization will allow student leaders an opportunity to develop and enhance leadership skills, provide valuable service to the Eastview community, work with other student leaders at EVHS, and take involvement in the EVHS community to a higher level.

LINC Leadership will work to bring dynamic leaders together for the benefit of the EVHS community. This inter-club concept will allow the opportunity for student leaders to step outside the traditional boundaries of a school club in order to create more leadership, harmony and unity in the school and the community. Students will work with each other to reach common goals. It is a collaborative effort and will include the following elements:

Freshman and New Student Mentoring Program – junior/senior LINC Leaders acting as mentors to groups of freshmen and transfer and foreign exchange students new to EVHS

• LINC Leaders will act as mentors to groups of 9-10 freshmen and/or sophomore students, starting in late August (Freshman Orientation) and continuing throughout the school year. This program requires a significantly large commitment, as training will begin in the summer months and continue throughout the school year.

• LINC Leaders will act as ambassadors to new transfer students throughout the year to help with their transition to EVHS. LINC Leaders will be responsible for making initial contact with new students when they arrive and maintaining contact (both formal and informal) throughout the school year as needed.

• LINC Leaders will act as mentors to freshmen and sophomore students during Target Day enrichment periods throughout the year. These are times during the year that will require leadership engagement with students during the 7:30 a.m.-9:20 a.m. Target Day periods.