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Black History Month @ EVHS

“We must never forget that Black History is American History. The achievements of African Americans have contributed to our nation’s greatness.”

– U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke of New York (US Representative, State of New York).



Check back soon for MORE details on our weekly events!

Each Friday throughout the month of February, a different group/organization will host a Zoom discussion open to EVHS students and staff, focused on race, equity and/or Black history.  Using a similar format to the widely attended MLK Day discussions, we will engage in focused reflection and thoughtful discussion.  Check back each week for the specific topic and Zoom link.

Hosted by:
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Friday, February 5


 This discussion will be focused on different words that are used when talking about racial injustice (i.e. microaggression, BLM, colorism, etc.).  Join us to learn more about these words, their meaning and their impact.


EVHS Diversity Club


click here for zoom link


Friday, February 12


Increasing Teachers of Color in our Classrooms: Join us this Friday as we talk about increasing teachers of color in our classrooms.  WHY is it important?  HOW do we make it happen?  WHAT  are the benefits for ALL when this becomes our reality? 

Mr. Flemmons, Ms. Dumonceaux and Ms. Sagmoen will facilitate this discussion…ALL are welcome. 


EVHS Teachers
click here for zoom link


Friday, February 19


The Impact of COVID on the Black Community: Join us Friday, February 19th as we talk about the disproportionate impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on our Black community in America.  

Mr. Strey and Ms. Mullaney will facilitate this discussion...ALL are welcome.


click here for zoom link


Friday, February 26


Who's Making Black History Right Now in 2021?


Black Honor Association
click here for zoom link

(link will be active 2/22) 


The discussions do not end with the end of February!  We will continue to host discussions on the First Friday of every month throughout the school year.  Join us on Friday, March 5, Friday, April 2, Friday, May 7 and Friday, June 4.  More details to follow...

Resources for further exploration and engagement:

Listed below are some additional resources for you to explore.  Commit to spending some time this month learning more and seeking out a different perspective.  Expand your media consumption...What books are you reading? What music are you listening to? What movies are you watching?  What podcasts are you listening to?  Various media outlets have curated lists of movies, books, etc. that educate and celebrate black history.  We have several of them listed here. 

 Week 1:

 Feb 1 - Feb 5




 Week 2:

 Feb 8 - Feb 12



 Week 3:

 Feb 15 - Feb 19

 Support Black-Owned Businesses...

 Week 4:

 Feb 22 - Feb 26