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Stock photo of a hand playing chess.

There are over 25 different activities Eastview students can participate in. From academic to athletic, there is something for everyone at Eastview High School.

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Hand sin the air with different global flags painted on their palms.

Students are encouraged to use their skills and creativity in one or more of our diverse clubs. Share your passion with your fellow students!

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Performing Arts

Dancers from Eastview's Bravo performance stand with their hands in the air.

The Eastview High School Performing Arts Department has been recognized both statewide and nationally as a benchmark of excellence. 

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Theater Box Office

Graphic of two tickets with the words Buy Tickets.

Never miss an Eastview High School production with the ability to book your seats online. Visit the Eastview Theater Box Office today!

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Visual Arts

A painting of a woman painting a cloud.

The District 196 Title I program is a federally funded program providing valuable supplemental services to raise the achievement of elementary children who are performing below grade level in the areas of reading and math. 

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