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STEM Opportunities

The Eastview multi-dimensional STEM program includes a powerful comprehensive academic core, with a wide variety of elective course pathways and choices aimed at preparing our students for their future.  The course pathways outlined below prepare students with critical STEM skills that will enable them to join a workforce of problem-solvers, innovators, and inventors who are self-reliant and able to think critically and logically.  The following information profiles the opportunities our students are offered to engage in STEM education. 

Certificate and Scholarships

Students who complete the following course requirements will be granted the designation of an Eastview High School STEM Scholar.  They will receive a STEM Scholar Certificate and also special designation in our graduation ceremony program.  STEM Scholars are also eligible for one of two Engineering-focused scholarships granted to graduating Eastview seniors through the Eastview Community Foundation and in partnership with several engineering support organizations.  

STEM Scholar course requirements:

  • Four years (sixteen quarters) of Mathematics

  • Four years (sixteen quarters) of Science

  • One year (four quarters, which can be spread out over the four years of high school) of applicable STEM elective courses (listed below):

NOTE: Students should discuss specific course choices with their counselor, teachers, and parents to most appropriately meet their future goals.

EVHS STEM Academic Scholar Four Year Planning