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Social Studies

  On-Level Option(s) Honors/Advanced Placement Option(s)
Grade 9 American Citizenship & Government (full year) Honors American Citizenship & Government (full year)
Grade 10 United States History (full year) Advanced Placement United States History (full year)
Grade 11 World History (full year) Advanced Placement World History: Modern (1/2 year)  and Advanced Placement European History (1/2 year)
Grade 12     Economics A/B (1/2 year)    (and one of the below options) Advanced Placement Psychology (full year) *Econ A is included in curriculum or Advanced Placement Micro & Macro Economics (full year)
Psychology A/B (1/2 year) or Sociology A/B (1/2 year) 

Developmental Psychology** (full year, double period) *Econ A is included in curriculum

** Requires application and interview