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In our modern technological world, every person is in contact with science and technology in multiple ways and forms each and every day.  At Eastview High School we will prepare students to successfully understand and compete in the rapidly changing world of science and technology.  

Requirements: Every student is required to take a minimum of 12 quarter courses (three years).  Science credits may be completed in a number of different classes at different levels.

It is very important that you register for the Science class that best fits your background, skills, scholarly habits and future plans.  Changing to a different course partway through the school year can be a very difficult situation, and there is no guarantee that a chance can happen.  You are advised to register for the course that you are most likely to learn the most in and complete successfully, not just "try out".  If you are uncertain about correct registration and placement, please see your counselor or current Science teacher.  Near the end of the school year, re-check your registration and make any necessary changes at that time.

The below chart provides three suggested paths of study for Science students at EVHS.

LEVEL 1: Suggested for those students who have experienced difficulty with Science and are planning a career immediately after high school
Earth/Physical Science Biology Chemistry Foundations (11th or 12th grade)


LEVEL 2: Suggested for those students who desire a standard high school curriculum necessary for entrance to most colleges, universities, and technical institutes.  To be successful at this level, a student must have a solid Math background (for Chemistry and Physics) along with good classroom, study and homework skills.
Earth/Physical Science  Biology Chemistry Physics
Honors Earth/Physical  Science + Honors Biology

Honors Chemistry (w/ option to also take Anatomy/Physiology)

AP Physics 1 (core) (w/ option to also take CIS Anatomy/Physiology)


LEVEL 3: This level is suggested for students who desire a challenging Science curriculum and/or are considering a career or major that requires a rigorous Science preparation.  These are college-preparatory courses.  To be successful, students need a strong Math background and excellent classroom, study, attendance and homework habits.  Due to the rigorous nature of the courses at this level, successful completion (generally indicated by a B or better) in each class is suggested before progressing to the next class.  
Honors Earth/Physical  Science + Honors Chemistry AP Biology* (core) w/ option to also take CIS Anatomy/Physiology or AP Chemistry* (recommended) AP Physics 1 or C* (core) w/ option to take CIS Anatomy/Physiology (recommended) or AP Chemistry*.


  • * Summer assignment required
  • + Concurrent enrollment in Honors Geometry or higher is recommended to take this course