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Physical Education, Wellness and Safety Education

Health related fitness is the focus of the Eastview High School physical education curriculum.  Eastview's Physical Education department is making use of progressive technology in each class utilizing heart rate monitors to improve each student's level of fitness and assess student participation.  

Our Wellness curriculum provides instruction on teaching student to make informed decisions that enhance individual, family and community health, promoting healthful nutrition/dietary practices and physical fitness and working to prevent/reduce tobacco use, drug/alcohol use, intentional and unintentional injuries, and HIV/AIDS/unintentional pregnancies.

Safety Education/Driver Education is a graduation requirement offered in grades 9-12.  See birth date requirements below for registration guidelines.

Individual Fitness 9 1 quarter course Grade 9
Individual Fitness 10-12 1 quarter course Grade 10, 11 or 12
Physical Education 3 quarter courses One of these must be taken in either 9th or 10th grade.  The remaining two may be taken anytime in grade 11-12.
Wellness 1 1 quarter course Grade 9
Wellness 2 1 quarter course Grade 10
Wellness 3 1 quarter course Grade 11 or 12
Safety Education 1 quarter course See below for birth date requirements


  • Q1 - Students born on or before Nov. 2, 2005 enroll in course number 0906: Safety Education A
  • Q2 - Students born between Nov. 2, 2005Jan. 19, 2006 enroll in course number 0907: Safety Education B
  • Q3 - Students born between January 20, 2006March 29, 2006 enroll in course number 0908: Safety Education C
  • Q4 - Students born between March 30, 2006June 1, 2006 enroll in course number 0909: Safety Education D


Please see the the Phy Ed department course descriptions for complete course listings and course descriptions.

Wellness 1 Individual Fitness 10-12 Total Body Fitness First Aid/Prevention/  Care of Injuries Strength & Conditioning
Wellness 2 Advanced Individual Fitness Advanced Total Body Fitness Gymnastics Stress Assessment and Management
Wellness 3 Badminton Basketball Advanced Gymnastics Team Sports
Safety Education Advanced Badminton Online Exercise Science Self Defense Unified Physical Education
Individual Fitness 9 Individual Sports Fall Team Sports Spring Team Sports Volleyball