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Mentor Program

Mentor Program: Advanced Professional Studies

The Mentor Program invites highly motivated, talented high school students to experience and learn at an advanced level.  The students are able to experience a career field in a professional setting as the protege of an expert.  Students may choose to focus upon a topic of their choice.  Mentor experiences include the following, but are not limited to:

Actuarial Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Computer Science
Event Management
Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Information Management
Interior Design
Mass Communications
Medical Careers
Performing Arts
Physical Therapy
Political Science
Public Relations
Retail Management
Social Work
Sports Marketing
Teacher Education

Mentor Program: Seminar
Grade: 11, 12
Length: One Period, One Quarter

Mentor Seminar is a college and career exploration course which gives students an advantage over their peers in preparing for the future. Students will identify personal interests and skills to guide them while exploring college options and researching career opportunities. Students will develop professional skills, including interviewing, networking and interpersonal communication. The opportunity to meet with a professional in a chosen career field brings the real world to the classroom. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Mentor Field Experience to complete the Mentor Program; however, students may take Mentor Seminar as a stand-alone course.

Mentor Program: Field Experience
Grade: 11, 12
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Mentor Seminar and Mentor Program Coordinator Approval Length: One or Two Periods, One or Two Quarters

Leave the classroom behind and enter into the professional’s world to gain exposure in the career field of choice. The internship experience will follow a college model. Students will meet one time per week with instructors and peers and will be released from school to work with their career professionals. Students will select and design an individual project under the guidance of their mentor and instructor. This course requires a high level of student independence and responsibility. Students must provide their own transportation to their mentor site.