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Credit Recovery

Q4 2020-21 Credit Recovery Registration

April 20 - June 3 Distance Learning Session

  • The session begins on Tuesday, April 20 and goes through Thursday, June 3
  • Students need to follow course pacing provided by the teacher in order to complete the course by Thursday, June 3
  • Classes are digital via Schoology and are asynchronous (without scheduled full class Zoom sessions)
  • Although no synchronous Zoom classes will be held, students will have regular check-ins with the teacher as scheduled
  • Teachers may offer Zoom help sessions and/or hold open Zoom office hours for support
  • Each class is worth the equivalent of .75 credit (equal to one quarter course during the school year)
  • Students must complete all course work in order to earn credit


English          |          Social Studies          |          Math          |          Science          |          Wellness     

*Course availability is dependent on enrollment.  Students will be notified of dropped courses by Monday, April 18.  An alternate course may be assigned if original choice is dropped due to insufficient enrollment.


1.    Students need to engage in coursework regularly and follow course pacing as provided by the teacher.  Failure to engage in coursework for five consecutive school days may result in removal from the course.

2.    Daily attendance will not be taken, but regular and consistent engagement in coursework is expected each week.

3.    Grading will be Pass or No-Credit.  Letter grades will not be given; a “P” will be issued to students who successfully complete the coursework at a level of expected proficiency. Students are expected to complete all course work for credit. 

4.    Students are expected submit original work and follow the Academic Honesty and Integrity guidelines.  Infractions may result in loss of credit and/or removal from the course.