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ACT Prep

The purpose of the Eastview ACT Prep Course is to assist students in preparing to take the ACT Test. This program will provide an overview of the test, practical test taking strategies and an opportunity to complete a simulated full-length ACT Test.

ACT Prep


This course is open to all students who plan to take the ACT. It is ideal to take 3-6 months prior to actual testing, but students of all levels can benefit.

Online Prepworks accounts are only active during the school year of your test prep course.  


The course fee is $180, payable in FeePay. This fee must be received prior to the first session and will act as your confirmation. This fee covers the cost of online tutorials, supplemental testing materials, and instructor fees.

Scholarships are available for students in need. Partial and full scholarships will be awarded through a scholarship fund. Students wishing to seek assistance should speak with their guidance counselor for more information.

Other Considerations


Students who agree to take this course will be asked to attend the ACT Prep course on pre-determined days. Attendance and tardies to class will be recorded. Excessive tardies are disruptive to the class as a whole. All students are expected to arrive on time, participate in course activities and discussions. No refunds will be given for students who fail to attend or who are removed due to behavior or other circumstances. In case of unforeseen school events, the dates of classes may be adjusted as necessary.